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The Region's Premiere Accredited- Executive MBA University of Nebraska at Omaha


In the University of Nebraska at Omaha Executive MBA Program, you will receive individualized attention from our faculty, develop an unparalleled business network in our new state-of-the-art LEED certified College of Business Administration. Read more


The ROI of the Executive MBA program includes a fast-track means to improved job performance, an Expanded professional network, deepening international business perspectives and exposure, and more. Read more


The curriculum is designed so that the entire class progresses through a structured sequence of lectures, case studies, discussion, individual inquiry, and team projects at an accelerated pace necessary to complete the program in 18 months. Read more


Your chances of selection are greatest if you have high-quality professional or management experience, a solid record of academic accomplishment, and your career progress demonstrates you are a person of exceptional ability, ambition and achievement.Read more

Getting started


Call 402-554-2448 or email us.

The Executive MBA program at the University of Nebraska offers an academically rigorous, quality graduate education for the business manager and working professional. For a complete review of the application process, please read the brochure.

Interviews with the Executive MBA Program staff and alumni are a required component of the application process. They can be scheduled by calling the office at 402-554-2448.


Executive MBA program is AACSB Accredited

The UNO College of Business Administration and its Executive MBA program, have been accredited by the AACSB since 1980. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, is the international Gold Standard of accreditation. Less than 1/3 of U.S. and 15% of international schools and colleges of business achieve their demanding standard.

Our accreditation is your assurance of a quality degree that is respected by employers across the nation and around the world. Read more

More about Executive MBA

Current Students

Current Students - EMBA

Executive MBA students are the most knowledgeable and demanding audience that a business school instructor will face in the classroom. See currently enrolled students.

Honors & Awards

Awards - EMBA

Every program has its standout performers and we are proud to introduce you to our distinguished Executive MBA students and Beta Gamma Sigma inductees.

Alumni Network

Alumni Network - EMBA

With over 500 alumni around the world, our network continues to expand. We regard our alumni as strategic partners in the program's success.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff - EMBA

Our world-class graduate faculty and guest lecturers take their knowledge and expertise on emerging business trends and apply them to the needs and specific goals of the Program.

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EMBA by the numbers

UNO provided us with a customized, high-quality educational solution under rigorous time constraints.

We were pleased with their responsiveness and attention to our needs.

Gary Davidson,
General Manager-Leadership Development,
Union Pacific Railroad

Executive MBA Projects

Executive Education - EMBA

Executive Education

Now is the time to prepare your next generation of leaders. In today's global environment, it has become increasingly important that your team fully understands the basic business principles in order to produce competitive and profitable results to challenges big and small. We will work with you to determine exactly what course content should be utilized to fill those skill gaps. Current content can be modified or we can create a completely customized program specific to your needs. Read more

Genius of Warren Buffett - EMBA

Genius of Warren Buffett

During the fall, we welcome Lifelong Learners from around the USA and Canada to join UNO Executive MBAs over three non-consecutive weekends of concentrated study - Fridays and Saturdays; Sept. 13 - 14; Sept. 27 - 28; and Oct. 11 - 12, 2013.

Our spring program schedule is designed to accommodate international Lifelong Learners traveling to Omaha to attend the Value Investor Conference and the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. Our condensed course is (3) three consecutive days Monday - Wednesday, April 29, April 30 and May 1, 2013.
Among those who have already taken the course are high net worth investors, professional money managers, ... Visit the website

Executive MBA in the news

EMBA in the News
UNO/EMBA receives recognition from Buffett instructor on CNBC

On the morning of February 2nd, 2013 Bob Miles, a Buffett author and adjunct instructor for the Executive MBA "Genius of Warren Buffett" course, was interviewed on CNBC (see the link) about Bershire Hathaway's recent acquisition of Heinz. In his remarks Bob makes reference to "my students" (Executive MBAs) who suggested BH consider acquiring Marrs and Wrigley as was "pitched" during the recent GOWB class this past fall. View the video.

EMBA in the News
UNO students' thoughts on John Deere stock align with Buffett's

Executive MBA students Gretter Ramirez, James Bowen, Chandrakanth Are and Lifelong Learner Vincent Wong wrote in their 20-page research paper that John Deere would fit Berkshire's criteria.
They turned in the paper Oct. 13. Later, Berkshire reported that it had purchased about $330 million worth of John Deere shares sometime before Sept. 30. Read the article.

EMBA in the News
Warren Watch: Class eager to let him do most of the talking

Executive MBA students recently heard an offer from Warren Buffett:
"If I gave you a billion dollars ..."
Of course, Buffett was making a hypothetical statement, illustrating how to know when a business has a "durable competitive advantage" over others in the same industry. If a competitor had a billion dollars, could it steal away your customers? Read the article.

Networking and Recruiting Receptions

Executive MBA Networking and Recruiting Events

Full Schedule